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June Car Sales Roundup for La Grange, IL

La Grange residents choose imports 59 percent of time in June

Ford cars for sale near La Grange, IL

Residents of La Grange opted to buy domestic vehicles 41 percent of time in June. Sales of domestic vehicles totaled 163 of the overall 401 auto sales to residents in the month.

Ford sales accounted for 64 of the 163 total domestic vehicle sales to La Grange residents. A total of 23 used Ford vehicles and 41 new Ford vehicles made up the 64 overall Ford sales in the month.

La Grange residents went with imports 59 percent of time in June, with 238 of the overall 401 auto sales in the month coming in this category. Toyota was the most popular import purchased in the month, accounting for 48 of the total 238 import sales. Of the 48 total Toyota purchases in June, 15 were used vehicles and 33 were new vehicles.

Honda led the way in used import sales with a total of 26 sales. Nissan (17) and Toyota (15) followed in used import sales. Popular makes of new imports sold to La Grange residents included Toyota, with a total of 33 sales, followed by Honda (15) and Hyundai (11).

On the flip side, Ford was first in used domestic sales, with a total of 23 sales, while Chevrolet (18) and Dodge (seven) followed. Additionally, popular domestic vehicles bought new by La Grange residents included Ford, with a total of 41 sales, followed by Chevrolet (20) and Dodge (six).

Westfield Ford sold more domestic vehicles to residents of La Grange than any other car dealership in the month of June. Other popular dealers of domestic cars and trucks to La Grange residents in the month included American Chevrolet and Larry Roesch-Chrysler-Jeep. In the category of import sales, Continental Toyota led the way in June, followed by Continental Honda and Auto Barn.

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La Grange Car Dealerships

  • Top Car Dealerships Selling to La Grange Residents
  • Westfield Ford
    6200 S La Grange Rd
    La Grange, IL 60525
  • Continental Toyota
    6701 S Lagrange
    Hodgkins, IL 60525
  • Continental Honda
    5901 S La Grange Rd
    Countryside, IL 60525
  • Auto Barn
    6161 W Joliet Rd
    Countryside, IL 60525
  • American Chevrolet
    9510 W Joliet Rd
    Hodgkins, IL 60525
  • All La Grange Car Dealerships
  • Westfield Ford
    6200 S La Grange Rd
    La Grange, IL 60525
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Top Dealerships Selling to La Grange Residents

Dealership Sales
Continental Toyota 25
Westfield Ford 20
Continental Honda 11
Auto Barn 11
American Chevrolet 11
Dealership Sales
Continental Honda 12
Carmax Auto Superstores 9
Westfield Ford 7
Ettleson Hyundai 7
Continental Motors 6

New vs. Used Cars Sold to La Grange Residents

Top Car Makes Sold to La Grange Residents

Make Sales
Ford 41
Toyota 33
Chevrolet 20
Honda 15
Hyundai 11
Make Sales
Honda 26
Ford 23
Chevrolet 18
Nissan 17
Toyota 15

Imports vs. Domestic Cars Sold to La Grange Residents